Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are Fanskrit t-shirts printed?

We use all newest and best available screen printing techniques. We also offer embellishment processes such as foil, rhinestones/nail heads, and flocks to bring your designs to life.

What kinds of t-shirts does Fanskrit use?

We print on either 100% combed ring spun cotton or a 50/50 cotton-poly blend, both of which are soft and comfortable. Each shirt has a profile page where you can find fabric and sizing details across all styles.

How should I wash my shirts? How much will they shrink?

We recommend using cold water and hanging dry if you want to preserve the shirt's original size. The greatest amount of shrinkage will happen if you wash in hot water and then dry using high heat. Neither fabric type — 100% cotton nor 50/50 cotton-poly — shrinks very much (max 4%.)

Do you reprint shirts that are out of stock?

Sometimes, but your best bet is to buy a shirt if you like it. We will reprint a select number of our most popular designs, but they might not be your favorites.

What am I agreeing to by submitting designs to Fanskrit?

Please read our Submission Agreement.

I just submitted a design but don't see it up on the site for voting. What's going on?

We try to let you know whether your design has been accepted, rejected, or requires alterations within four (4) days of receipt — times may vary. Only accepted designs are posted for voting.

How do you pick winning designs?

Please read our Rules & Guidelines.

What's your Return Policy?

Please read our Return Policy.

How can I learn about discounts, pre-sales, and new products?

Like us on Facebook and become a member. We'll keep you posted!

How do I get paid if my design wins?

We use Paypal to pay contest winners.

What's the difference between a 'design' and an 'idea'?

Designs are pieces of artwork. An idea is a concept that you describe using text and links. Start Creating.

If I'm not an artist and submit an idea, how will artists see it?

We share your ideas with artists per their email requests.

Why so many shirts for Chicago-based athletes?

Designs representing athletes and sports from every city in the world are welcome. Fanskrit is headquartered in Chicago, so our early designs have naturally gravitated towards depictions of local athletes.

If I'm an artist, why would I want to request use of someone else's idea?

One, great ideas happen everywhere. Two, it doesn't hurt to have another person help promote your design.

If I submit a design to Fanskrit, may I submit it someplace else?

Within the first 90 days after submitting your design, you may not share your work with another company for production.

What's the privacy policy?

Please read our Privacy Policy.

I'd like to create an official NFL Players t-shirt design. What are the rules?

Please read our Rules & Guidelines.

Do you accept designs for sports other than American football?

Yes! Please read our Rules & Guidelines.